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Drill smarter and safer with AI Driller suite of self-drilling applications – from Rotary and Sliding automation to Trajectory decision making.

Rotary Assistant

Apply state of the art mathematical algorithms and machine learning to automate Auto-Driller setpoints like WOB and RPM, helping you respond to formation change faster, reduce downhole equipment damage, and drive operational consistency.

Sliding Assistant

Meet your directional needs with greater sliding precision and consistency. You can also track the sliding performance of your crews for a more complete view of results.

Trajectory Assistant

Reach your target zones without having to rely on manual projections. Fueled by proprietary Positioning Engine, each automated directional plan is designed to deliver your objectives in real-time.

Automated assistants for every rig


Rotary Assistant Module


Sliding Assistant Module


Trajectory Assistant Module

Custom Assistants

Interested in building your own self-drilling application on NOVOS or other rig control systems?

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