Jun, 2018
Future of Drilling Systems

Marat Zaripov, CEO and Founder of AI Driller, has joined the panel of industry leaders in Drilling Automation organized by Frost & Sullivan’s Oil & Gas Innovation Council

HOUSTON – (June. 14, 2018) – Frost & Sullivan’s Oil & Gas Innovation Council Presents a Hot Topic Breakfast Spotlighting the Future of Drilling Systems.

Unlike other industries that have adopted manufacturing processes and digital technologies to automate and standardize systems, the oil and gas industry is one of the few that continues to rely on antiquated manual processes and customized designs that lead to gross inefficiencies. To ensure that opportunities for improvement within the technology adoption process are not lost, smart players in upstream oil & gas realize the criticality of leveraging radical innovation and digital transformation to reduce costs and improve recovery rates.

Frost & Sullivan’s Oil & Gas Innovation Council invited a wide industry audience of experts and Ethan Smith, Vice President of Oil & Gas, facilitated an exciting discussion on the Future of Drilling systems. Some of the topics and questions covered Offshore and Onshore Drilling technologies, Innovation coming from outside Oil & Gas (military, automotive, healthcare, etc), Business Model innovation, Digital Technologies, Factory Drilling, Data sharing between operators and partners, Role of labor inflation on drilling innovation, Drilling innovation impact on safety, Fully autonomous drilling rigs
Challenges to adopting drilling innovation (culture, funding, training, regulatory), Future of Drilling outside the United States
Leading companies to enable Future of Drilling, Drilling activity most likely to be eliminated to save time and money
Innovations to reduce methane emissions, Interoperability vs Proprietary Systems, Role of Startups in Drilling Innovation.

Panelists included:

Jose Gutierrez, Director of Technology & Innovation at Transocean

Frank Springett, Vice President Engineering, Rig Technologies at NOV

Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton

Marat Zaripov, Founder and CEO at AI Driller

Andrew Bruce, Founder and CEO at Data Gumbo

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