Sep, 2017
Darcy Drilling Forum

AI Driller was selected to present at Darcy Partners Advanced Drilling Technologies Forum in Midland, TX

MIDLAND – (Sept. 20, 2017) – The Darcy Partners have selected AI Driller to present at their Innovation Forum for Drilling Technologies.

Darcy Partners focus on researching new technologies and innovations that should be applied by energy companies. Their vision is to accelerate the adoption of solutions by exposing them to their customers in a structured and orchestrated way.

Darcy Partner’s Joint Industry Studies are defined by the needs of their core customers and are designed to identify adoptable new technologies. At September 2017 DarcyFORUM 8 technologies from ~200 companies have been reviewed and presented to 18 O&G companies.

“Significant innovations have taken place in drilling into the tight-oil and shale-gas reservoirs. Longer laterals are being drilled at increasing speeds. Factory drilling processes have streamlined planning and supply chain management, not only to drill one good well but many wells back to back. In 2017, companies are looking to increase their production and continue to trim costs beyond what they have already achieved in 2015-16.

Progressive operators, are now thinking of drilling not as a necessary cost but as a data-gathering tool to enhance their completions designs and plan for the life of the well after drilling.

As companies continue to unlock value during this downturn, technological innovation will have the most lasting impact. These innovations will create for adopters truly sustainable value and competitive strength.” – Hossein Rokhsari, Partner at Darcy Partners.

The Forum was supported by Concho Resources, Crown Quest, Devon, Encana, Guidon, Henry Resources, Jetta Operating, JMA Energy, Laredo, Lime Rock Partners, Marathon Oil, Pioneer Natural Resources, Prime Rock, Resolute Energy, SM Energy, Statoil, Noble Energy, Hunt Oil, and RSP Permian.

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