Houston Angel Summit

AI Driller has given a Company update for the Houston Angel Network at their biannual Houston Angel Summit

HOUSTON – (Feb. 20, 2020) –  Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Rice University. 

The event, which took place last week at Rice University’s Liu Idea Lab, featured 11 startups and gathered HAN members, local investors, and startup founders for a day full of educational opportunities, pitches, and fireside chats.

AI Driller has given a Company update on the product portfolio in both Rig Automation and Drilling Intelligence space, as well as recent achievements and industry case studies.

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Future of Drilling Systems

Marat Zaripov, CEO and Founder of AI Driller, has joined the panel of industry leaders in Drilling Automation organized by Frost & Sullivan’s Oil & Gas Innovation Council

HOUSTON – (June. 14, 2018) – Frost & Sullivan’s Oil & Gas Innovation Council Presents a Hot Topic Breakfast Spotlighting the Future of Drilling Systems.

Unlike other industries that have adopted manufacturing processes and digital technologies to automate and standardize systems, the oil and gas industry is one of the few that continues to rely on antiquated manual processes and customized designs that lead to gross inefficiencies. To ensure that opportunities for improvement within the technology adoption process are not lost, smart players in upstream oil & gas realize the criticality of leveraging radical innovation and digital transformation to reduce costs and improve recovery rates.

Frost & Sullivan’s Oil & Gas Innovation Council invited a wide industry audience of experts and Ethan Smith, Vice President of Oil & Gas, facilitated an exciting discussion on the Future of Drilling systems. Some of the topics and questions covered Offshore and Onshore Drilling technologies, Innovation coming from outside Oil & Gas (military, automotive, healthcare, etc), Business Model innovation, Digital Technologies, Factory Drilling, Data sharing between operators and partners, Role of labor inflation on drilling innovation, Drilling innovation impact on safety, Fully autonomous drilling rigs
Challenges to adopting drilling innovation (culture, funding, training, regulatory), Future of Drilling outside the United States
Leading companies to enable Future of Drilling, Drilling activity most likely to be eliminated to save time and money
Innovations to reduce methane emissions, Interoperability vs Proprietary Systems, Role of Startups in Drilling Innovation.

Panelists included:

Jose Gutierrez, Director of Technology & Innovation at Transocean

Frank Springett, Vice President Engineering, Rig Technologies at NOV

Satyam Priyadarshy, Technology Fellow & Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton

Marat Zaripov, Founder and CEO at AI Driller

Andrew Bruce, Founder and CEO at Data Gumbo

Will rigs fly by 2050?

AI Driller presented at SPE Gulf Coast Section Innovation & Entrepreneurship Symposium at Marathon Oil Tower & Conference Center in Houston, TX.

HOUSTON – (Mar. 21-22, 2018) – AI Driller presented at SPE Gulf Coast Section Innovation & Entrepreneurship Symposium at Marathon Oil Tower & Conference Center in Houston, TX.

Building on the innovation momentum spurred by the oil and gas industry downturn, a 2-day event in Houston brought oil and gas investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators together to discuss trends and pitch ideas.

Panel sessions and workshops were focused on oil and gas industry challenges, strategic partnerships, digital technology applications, best practices in the design and innovation process, new innovative technologies, and exit strategies and sources of funding. Speakers included investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, as well as movers and shakers from operators, service companies, universities, and research organizations.”

While innovation was critical to protect companies’ well-being over the past couple of years, it is imperative to continue to challenge the status quo regardless of the oil price tomorrow, conference organizers said. This event is poised to nucleate oil and gas innovation and the entrepreneurship community in Houston and was catered to the oil and gas investors, entrepreneurs, and innovators within big corporations.

The oil and gas industry has changed at a rapid scale as the aftermath of the downturn.  Longer laterals, advanced completions, high-resolution subsurface diagnostics, and other technological advances have become must-haves to survive. While innovation was undoubtedly critical to protecting companies’ well-being over the last couple of years, it’s imperative to continue to challenge the status quo regardless of the oil price tomorrow.

The event concluded with a “shark tank” in which selected startups presented their companies and ideas to an experienced panel of oil and gas investors to get feedback and possibly initiate funding. The Sherk Tank panel included:

 Hossam Elbadawy, CEO, Oil and Gas Technologies; Partner, SCF Partners
Ryan Gurney, Managing Partner, CottonWood Venture Partners
Oliver Phillips, VP, Limerock Partners
Jim Sledzik, Managind director, Hall Labs
Borre Stokholm, Invetment Manager, Statoil Technology Invest

 AI Driller presented its vision of Directional Drilling Automation, as well as the current product portfolio and 2018 Technology Roadmap.

Interview for IADC Magazine

AI Driller was interviewed by Drilling Contractor Magazine at IADC Headquarters in Houston, TX

HOUSTON – (Jan. 31, 2017) – AI Driller announced the beginning of testing of the first self-drilling modules to help operators scale up operations and deliver consistency of drilling performance.

VIDEO SUMMARY: To eliminate human error and reduce inefficiencies in drilling operations, AI Driller, an automation company that provides self-drilling applications, is gearing up to deliver a series of drilling modules, beginning with Rotary Assistant and Sliding Assistant. The Rotary Assistant, which is certified on National Oilwell Varco’s NOVOS platform, calculates the target weight on bit based on historical drilling data. The Sliding Assistant, which is under field testing, applies autonomous directional drilling control for sliding with a conventional drilling motor based on inputs such as distance, inclination and release torque. In this video, DC speaks with CEO Marat Zaripov about the two modules and how they can help operators to scale up their operations while delivering more consistent results in places like the Permian Basin.

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Darcy Drilling Forum

AI Driller was selected to present at Darcy Partners Advanced Drilling Technologies Forum in Midland, TX

MIDLAND – (Sept. 20, 2017) – The Darcy Partners have selected AI Driller to present at their Innovation Forum for Drilling Technologies.

Darcy Partners focus on researching new technologies and innovations that should be applied by energy companies. Their vision is to accelerate the adoption of solutions by exposing them to their customers in a structured and orchestrated way.

Darcy Partner’s Joint Industry Studies are defined by the needs of their core customers and are designed to identify adoptable new technologies. At September 2017 DarcyFORUM 8 technologies from ~200 companies have been reviewed and presented to 18 O&G companies.

“Significant innovations have taken place in drilling into the tight-oil and shale-gas reservoirs. Longer laterals are being drilled at increasing speeds. Factory drilling processes have streamlined planning and supply chain management, not only to drill one good well but many wells back to back. In 2017, companies are looking to increase their production and continue to trim costs beyond what they have already achieved in 2015-16.

Progressive operators, are now thinking of drilling not as a necessary cost but as a data-gathering tool to enhance their completions designs and plan for the life of the well after drilling.

As companies continue to unlock value during this downturn, technological innovation will have the most lasting impact. These innovations will create for adopters truly sustainable value and competitive strength.” – Hossein Rokhsari, Partner at Darcy Partners.

The Forum was supported by Concho Resources, Crown Quest, Devon, Encana, Guidon, Henry Resources, Jetta Operating, JMA Energy, Laredo, Lime Rock Partners, Marathon Oil, Pioneer Natural Resources, Prime Rock, Resolute Energy, SM Energy, Statoil, Noble Energy, Hunt Oil, and RSP Permian.